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Quick Start Guide

 Getting Started

First off, thank you for partnering with MedAlert to make your workplace safer! The MedAlert course is an interactive video with multiple-choice questions aimed at providing the best online experience possible. The modules are divided into 15-30 minute sections that are easy to use and digest. For the sake of usability, the videos are made so that you can find your previous position on the timeline in the event you need to pause the class and something happens to make you lose your connection. However, the time spent on each module should be equivalent to or longer than the minimum video run time. Management will receive a full report of how much time was spent on each module by each participant in the class. 

The Player

If you wish to use the full screen function of the course, it is highly recommended that you use the top left full-screen icon and not the video full screen icon on the lower right. When using the video full screen icon, you will need to exit full screen mode at the end of every video to see the proceed prompt and button. If you use the upper left “Course Full Screen” button, the prompts will always be visible. It is important to note that you must select submit at the end of every module, especially the last one. This submits your progress and notifies us of your progress.

The Scoring

As long as you finish each module and answer every question, you will get a module complete grade. It is important to answer every question and not submit until the module is complete. If you submit the module BEFORE you have answered all of the questions, you will receive a “Failed Module” notification. If this happens, please re-complete the module and notify your management and MedAlert. As long as the content is complete, we will issue a certificate, even if the incomplete first attempt leaves a “Module Failed” notification in your portal.


At the end of the day, we are here to cover the material in a flexible format that will accommodate your needs, while covering the exact same information as we would in an in person class, minus the practicals and demonstrations.

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